Friday, August 3, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions


I really like something in your blog. Do you mind if I quote you?
First, thank you! Second, "Canned Laughter" is protected by certain copyrights. You are welcome to quote me as long as you follow certain accepted guidelines. Please note the source by letting readers know that they are reading the words of either "TX Poppet", my pseudonym or "Canned Laughter", my blog title. Please link back to my original post when quoting me. If you are unsure how to do this, I'll be happy to help you. Just drop a note in any comment box. If you follow these guidelines, you do not need to contact me first for permission but it's a nice thing to let me know anyway. I like reading your work too!

Who may not quote me?
My work is protected against any reproduction for commercial use. Reproduction for the purpose of demeaning, berating or other malicious intent targeting either the author, the material or both is forbidden.

What's up with the name Texas Poppet? Do you think you're Kierra Knightly from Pirates of the Carribean?
Actually the moniker TX Poppet is from an old character name, Mother Poppet that I used when working with children as a museum roleplayer years before Miss Knightly sailed the seas. I'm comfortable with the name and see no reason to change it.

Why do you call your children by those sickeningly sweet pet names instead of their real names? It would make your blog so much easier to relate to if I didn't want to barf.
Bear and Bunnie ARE their real names, or at least the names my husband gave them when they were babies and we still call them that every day. Perhaps some peppermint might settle your stomach?

How many calories are in your recipes? Also I'd like some home canning recipes. Would you please post instructions?
There are some things you should never ask a Southern woman. How many calories are in her food and what's in that canned good are definitely off limits. I give my relishes and preserves as gifts and the recipes are a closely guarded secret. I don't even tell my mother why my spiced peaches are gobbled down while hers linger on the shelf. However, I'd be happy to give you processing tips if you ask.

Is your husband a saint or what?
Yes. He's a very sexy saint.

How do you come up with these crazy stories?
This is my life. I don't have to make things up. Occasionally I will change a name as I did in the story of Miz Maypearl, but the story is absolutely true with no exaggeration. Bless her soul.

All you ever talk about is housework. Why don't you get a job?
As a matter of fact, I do have a job working for the Best Boss Ever. I work flexible hours for a woman-owned construction company. Here's a post about work.

Where do you get those goofy pictures? The lovely thing about vintage art is that the copyright usually runs out. As to where they come from, I'll never tell (unless you e-mail me and then I might).